Our fences

All of our products are purchased from reputable SUPPLIERS and MANUFACTURERS found right here in the gta, we do not import low quality products, be it Composite, Vinyl or aluminum


Aluminum Fences

Aluminum fencing is custom fabricated for your specific needs in a variety of heights. You can choose a short fence for purely ornamental reasons or install a tall solid fence for safety and privacy reasons. Several styles of Aluminum Fence are available, including flat-topped or with finials -top with various decorative details. Post caps come in different shapes depending on the style of the fence. Gates attach to posts that are similar to end posts, but are stronger in order to support the weight and movement of the gate. Order your gates when you order your fence materials. Make sure to mention gate hardware so we can provide you with the best options. Aluminum fence and gates are elegant and timeless.


PVC & Vinyl Fences

Enjoy traditional design fences with all of the added benefits of modern technology: no maintenance, no replacement. Made of durable, low maintenance vinyl, Sand finish adds appeal to any home project, Unlike wood fences, it does not require sanding or painting, Lightweight design for easy and fast installation, Solid vinyl panels eliminate gaps and knot holes common in wooden privacy fences, Withstands the impact of rain and moisture better than wood fences. We made sure that the quality of our vinyl fencing is impeccable from the initial design, engineering and fabrication all the way to the final installation. Each and every section of our fence has been specifically engineered to not sag, rot, or discolor for as long as it stands.

Supply and install Fence Prices

Our 2019 Low Prices

Privacy Fence, Aluminum Fences, Composite Fences, Aluminium-Wood Fences and Fence Gates

No Charge for Dirt Removal on any project with 5 or more houses. - Otherwise $6 per hole dirt removal if needed.

Vinyl Fence starting at 45.00 / Linear foot - Includes Supply and Install

Composite Fence Made in Canada (full Privacy) starting at 95.00 / linear foot - Includes Supply and Install

Composite Custom Decks Starting From $45/Per SQFT - Maintenance Free For Life!!! No Rot, No Paint, Zero Worries!!!

4 Foot Chain Link Fence - Starting From $25.00/linear foot. - *Choice of colours - black, green or galvanized. Also 5 and 6 foot chain link available.

All wood fence Prices* include 4 x 4 posts

*Upgrade from 4 x 4 posts to 6 x 6 posts- $4.00/Linear foot.

Optional Dirt Removal and Disposal - *Available upon request. Separate charge applies.

Post Hole survey markings --------*No charge on any project

6 Foot Wood Fence - Starting From $40.00/Linear foot.

Wood fence removal and disposal - $11.00/Linear foot. - *Price based on 50 or more linear feet

Chain Link fence removal and disposal - $6.00/Linear foot. - Price based on 50 or more linear feet

6 ft Picket Aluminum Fence - Starting From $99.00/Linear foot.

6 ft Privacy Panel Aluminum Fence - Staring at 115.00 / linear foot - *Many styles to choose from. Also 7 and 8 foot Aluminum Fence available.

Custom Made Wood Gates -Starting From $349.00/Per Gate - *Includes installation, hinges and securing hardware. Includes 3yr warranty

Welded Aluminum Gates Starting From $449.00/Per Gate - *Includes installation, hinges and securing hardware.

Aluminum, Glass, Composite Railing Prices

Aluminum Railing - 36’’ to 42’’ high Starting from $55.00 / linear foot *Includes old railing removal, supply and install

Glass Railing - 36’’ high Starting from $95.00 / linear foot *Includes old railing removal, supply and install

Composite Railing 36’’ high Starting from $77.00 / Linear foot *Includes old railing removal, supply and install

Wood Railing - Starting from $38.00 / linear foot *Includes old railing removal, supply and install

Vinyl Railing - Starting from $45.00 / linear foot *Includes old railing removal, supply and install

For an onsite visit or phone consultation please call Dan at: 6478865051

Where do we supply and install fences?

Toronto, Scarborough, Markham, Ajax, Whitby, Bowmanville, Mississauga, Oakville, Brampton, Caledon, Milton, North-York, Richmondhill, Woodbridge, Inisfil and much more

We use only the strongest aluminum alloys, and incorporate 20% more aluminum in all our rails than most of our competitors. All the components of our Residential and Commercial Fences are individually designed and factory assembled with stainless-steel fasteners to ensure structural integrity.

We proudly carry a large selection of residential aluminum fence designs. Residential ornamental aluminum fences are most commonly used to define property lines or to keep children and pets safely contained. Residential grade aluminum fencing is also frequently used to enclose swimming pools or enhance landscape designs. The residential grade of our aluminum fence is the most affordable option available and it is durable enough for most any application where safety is a concern.

We offer maintenance-free, powder coated residential aluminum fences and gates. Our residential Aluminum Fences and gates are an ideal choice to compliment a structure’s architecture and landscape design while offering safety, boundary definition and security.

Purchasing fencing is an investment—it requires quite a bit of research. Before you buy, think about the factors that are important to you. Are you looking for something more protective or decorative? Cheaper, or more low-maintenance? Then, think about the different materials on the market. Aluminum fencing, popular for its similar appearance to wrought iron is a very popular choice these days, because of looks, durability, low maintenance, no fading or peeling qualities.

Is wood or vinyl fence cheaper?

Wood, while cheaper upfront, does require frequent treatments and stains. And because it doesn't last as long as vinyl, you will probably need to replace the fence at some point if you live in your home for longer than 10-15 years. And the Winner is: Vinyl Fence!

Wood costs less upfront, but vinyl fence is a better value in the long run.


Fences made from composite materials are strong, durable, and they are mostly unaffected by moisture. Composite fencing is also low maintenance. Most of the time all you have to do is hose your fence down and let it dry. Stubborn areas can be taken care of with a pressure washer or cleaning fluids and a scrub brush.

The ease at which composite fencing can be put up is also appealing. The steps to install composite fencing is much the same as with wood fencing; there is usually no call for special tools, which are expensive and a lot of people view as a waste of money because they are only used for one project.

There are environmental benefits to using composite fencing as well. The people who make composite decking and fencing were “green” before it became popular. Most composite fencing is made from 50 to 100 percent recycled materials. It keeps plastics like shrink wrap and grocery bags out of the landfills, and it creates a use for leftover wood pulp from paper mills that would normally go to waste. Another point in composite fencing’s favor is that it isn’t laced with chemicals like pressure treated wood is. These chemicals can sometimes leech into the surrounding area-especially if the structure or fence is several years old and decaying- and the sawdust from pressure treated wood can be hazardous to your health if ingested or inhaled.

Composite Fence - Black Chrome Aluminum posts and frame

Enjoy your property the way you were supposed to with our privacy fences systems. 

Top choice for fences today is the Composite boards fence, today's must have fence material. It looks like wood, it's available in dark colors, and it will not rot, warp, split or peel. You get a lifetime of enjoyment without all of the maintenance that come with the more standard Fence Building Materials, this fence never needs to be stained, painted, sanded or as matter of fact ... No More Replacement! 

Chain-Link Fences

Although not always the first choice for the ones wanting privacy, chain link fences are great in their own ways, they offer a combination of strength, durability, and security.  We offer 6' high Residential Chain Link Fence generally starting at $24/ft for supplied and fully Installed systems. The prices will vary depending on the needs of your particular job. Call 647-886 5051 for more details.

Complete Composite Fence - With matching posts

It includes a large selection of colors and natural wood grain that you will not find anywhere else.

Our Composite + Aluminum fence is used as Fence and Railing, It can be used around pools, gardens, enclosing entire yards or just sections of it. It is customized to any height from 2' to 8' and anywhere in between. Some of us pay attention to security and some give more importance to the visual aspect, with our Aluminum Composite fences you literally get the best of both worlds, Security and Curb Appeal. 

Pet Enclosures 

Boundaries are important to dogs, which is why it is important to clearly define your dog’s boundaries with a fence. Whether they know it or not, dogs need fences to make their patrol area manageable. Fences and our four-legged friends go hand-in-hand.  It allows you the peace of mind that your dog will not run off wondering in the neighborhood among strangers and allows your dog more freedom to move around and explore. 

Beautiful Adjustable Gates - our gates match all colors of our boards

A Life Time Of Maintenance Free Products, No Painting, No Staining, No Rot Or Rust And No Color Fading.

Beautifully Designed Composite Gates That Perfectly Match Your Fence, Our composite fencing is a complete system with an aluminium structure and composite boards that allow you to keep your privacy. Be it on the deck or in your entire backyard. Some pay more attention to security and others give more importance to the visual aspect, with our Aluminum Composite fences you literally get both in one.

Swiming pool Fences

Our installed Swimming pool fences include a limited lifetime warranty that provides protection against manufacturer defects on material, parts and installation. With 10+ years’ experience and many pool fences installed, we guarantee the best for you and your family. Choose from a variety of colors to have a custom aluminum fence manufactured specifically for  you.  Spending an entire afternoon in a refreshing pool is the best.